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Kinds of Pain

Laocoon These are images of the faces of pain as depicted by ancient Greek and Roman artists. The Laocoon was a priest who boldly sought to warn of the Trojan Horse. The God Apollo did not wish this to be known and to punish the betrayal of Apollo's secret he sent a serpent to savage first the Laocoon's children before him and then the priest himself.

This is acute pain and suffering. Its features show strong expression, a gaze heavenward in anger, full of energy.

Dying soldier Chronic pain is expressed quite differently. The Dying Galation Soldier is a Roman copy of a sculpture that most likely was first created for the temple in Pergamon with the wealth from Alexander's wold conquests. It emboldens the barbarian enemy who is dying from his gaping chest wound. These features of chronic suffering are sagging and relaxed. The gaze is now down and the eyes closed.

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